VINCESMOKE is a Korean-American rapper from Richmond, Virginia. He has always dealt with inner conflict between the empathetic side of him that is easygoing and the dark side of him that is bitter, vengeful, and aggressive. Ultimately, he pursues positivity, but he has a tendency to internalize pain and resentment in order to avoid conflict, which has taken a toll on his emotional wellbeing. Music helps him find balance and fulfillment by giving him a space to release what he suppresses in order to create something people can connect with.

Originally a drummer, you can expect VINCESMOKE to showcase plenty of versatility and technicality when it comes to flows, but his ability to switch things up goes beyond rhythm. You might hear metal-influenced screaming or auto-tuned harmonizing in addition to his usual high energy rapping, depending on the mood he wishes to portray. He is most at home ripping apart unorthodox trap bangers, but he aims to express different parts of his personality by exploring other genres and tapping into new energies.


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