Joy Ruckus Club is the largest Asian music festival in the world. A humanitarian-oriented, virtual concert series, founded by Asian Americans, and led by artists of Asian descent from all over the world, Joy Ruckus Club is a revolution in pan-Asian music. Not silent, not complacent, not foreign, Joy Ruckus Club is a society of woke Asians who are in solidarity with all truthfully progressive movements of the oppressed and conquered.  

The Joy Ruckus Club K-Pop SuperFest is a one day festival of K-Pop music on June 19, 2021, streaming live on Sessions from the famed Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. As a special virtual concert under the banner of Joy Ruckus Club, the largest Asian music festival in the world, the K-Pop SuperFest is a showcase of K-Pop’s most celebrated artists, intended for a global audience. 

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