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Philip Suh known as Soundmaker is a Korean-American born and raised in the DMV area of Virginia - raised as only child with a single father who was busy making their home for an absent mother who left Phil before he was too young to remember. Raised by his Grandmother, Phil learned jazz piano by watching YouTube tutorials and became obsessed with music, pouring all of his energy into music and expressing his sadness, hope and fear.

Phil later uploaded a cover of famed K-Pop group 2NE1 on YouTube for which he got a local buzz. He became addicted to the idea of becoming an artists...but his father started to struggle and Phil had to put his dreams aside and work hard in the hopes of getting a college education and degree to help out his family. As the only child, he felt the pressure to create a comfortable life for his dad and grandmother. Phil succumbed to the pressure and fell into drugs and depression and started to waste his life away.

Eventually dropping out of school, Phil rediscovered music as an expression and felt that it was the only way he could communicate his feelings. This is when he found a group of misfits from Foggy Bottom that ended up becoming 60 Seconds - a collective of streetwear designers, jewelers, and artists amongst other "activities". Known as a crew that would get lit on their trips to New York City, 60 Seconds started to get their crew noticed. Their clothing label has been worn by the likes of Jay Park, Dok 2, (insert big names) and Tekashi 6ix9ine, Phil and his crew of misfits somehow found their way into the dressing rooms of various live shows, rubbing shoulders with true and established hip-hop enthusiasts both in Korea and the U.S.

Their new found reputation inspired Phil to begin developing himself not only as a Producer but also an artist. A chance meet-up with Woodie GoChild in Korea turned into his first real session with an established major label artists from Korea. Upon returning back to VA, Phil vowed to complete college for his family but also follow his dreams into becoming an artist. It is then that he was discovered by the likes of Peter Chun, a music manager formerly of YG Entertainment who signed on to manage him.

Backed by his crew 60 Seconds and joining forces with DC-area, Wonmob, and with 60 member Stanley a.k.a. Lil' Foggy fresh out of jail, the entire crew moved to Queens, New York and immediately became New York K-Town's most lit crew. Soon after, Phil, linked up with Marty Baller of the A$AP MOB crew and began collaborating.

Soundmaker released his first project "Unknown" in Fall 2019 backed by the singles "Patience" featuring Marty Baller and "Gajimah" which was directed by Branden Ahn who became the crew de facto Content Creator and Director. Armed with a crew of creatives and during the coronavirus pandemic, Soundmaker locked himself in the studio and immediately put out his 2nd project, "Soundmaker's Study" which includes the single "Starry Night" which is inspired by the famous work by Van Gogh.


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