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Russ Coson


Russell Coson (pronounced Cuh-Sone) is a Filipino-American Recording Artist born on March 9, 1989. He was raised in California's Bay Area and his hometown is San Jose, CA. where he currently resides. Known as a "Rap Singer", Russ Coson's style can be described as a unique blend of rapping and singing with a smooth vocal delivery backed with urban lyrics. He is also a beat producer, songwriter, and sound engineer.

Growing up, Russ would write and record his own songs as a hobby. Primarily listening to a mix of R&B, West Coast Rap Music, and Bay Area Hyphy, Russ developed his own style of music and delivery through constant practice and trial and error. At the age of 14, he started rapping and producing his own beats in high school as a rapper by the name of Big Russ. With the start of his music career and identity, Russ would rap about things that were a major influence in his life. Growing up without a father and a stable home, Russ learned to be street smart, independent, and confident in himself. It has always been a dream for Russ to be considered a pioneer for Filipino’s to make it in the Music Industry and to have his own “page” in Hip-Hop history.

In 2013, Big Russ decided to pursue a professional career in music and changed his stage name to his real name, Russ Coson. By the end of 2014, Russ' song "Right Now" was selected as 106 KMEL's Bay Pick Of The Week. Since then, Russ has developed a fan base that to this day continues to grow. He has been listened to and shared nationwide over mainstream, online, and satellite radio. So far, Russ Coson has had at least 9 of his songs aired on FM radio waves including a "Pick of the Week" on 997 NOW and many "Home Turf" winners on 106 KMEL. Russ has made it clear that he can make popular hits, performing all throughout The Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, and even Boston.

Today, Russ Coson is still making music and committed to his successful music career. He believes in striving for success and only competing with your old self and nobody else. He is always looking for ways to improve his habits and creative operation. Some tips he would like to share with upcoming and striving artists are to be authentic, follow your heart & intuition, practice faith daily, and always believe in yourself. Russ has no plans in stopping and enjoys every minute of his musical journey.


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