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Poet Initiative


Poet Initiative has been taking the UK music scene by storm, performing frequently on the underground scene and networking with some of the biggest names. Starting his music journey through poetry, he moved to America during his studies and really found his passion for hip hop.

Since then, he has combined the influences he found in Philadelphia with both his music tastes from the Korean hip hop scene and the London music scene, creating a unique, exciting blend that makes listeners keep wanting more. He released his first EP in 2017 titled, ‘Elements of a Poet: The College Tape’, and has released numerous singles since, with many more on the way.

Originally from West London, he has established himself a part of the collective at I Am Hip Hop Magazine, as well as having friends from different scenes both locally and abroad. He has featured on the Magazine’s website, as well as on their radio show, and has also been featured numerous times on Westside Radio, as well as being blogged on Korean site Naver.

If that wasn’t enough, he has also started a separate space for his productions under the moniker ‘It’s Poet’.

2020 looks to be a big year for Poet Initiative!


Music Video

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