Lil Waterboi

Lil Waterboi is an emerging Asian Canadian emo trap artist. The middle child between trailblazers like Kanye West, and the insurgence of “Lil’s”, from which he derived his name, Lil Waterboi’s music draws also parallels from his life experiences as a middle child in his own family. His music tells a raw, unfiltered story of his life of many hardships trying to live up to family expectations. Having gone through many obstacles to pursue his passions in art, he strives to be a big brother to his community, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps. 
 He is the founder of Bahay, an entertainment and community organization that has made some serious traction in its first year of conception. Lil Waterboi’s first single “Du Ma May,” explored themes of Asian identity in a light-hearted way, gaining attention on YouTube, and notably in the local Vietnamese community.


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