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Adam, the artist of Keepitinside, is a San Diego based music producer. He started music from a very young age, but never saw it as his passion until his 4th year at the University of California, San Diego. He was studying Biology then, but decided his life would take a plunge into music. In 2017, Adam released his Keepitinside EP including his most well known work, "How to Live ft. Limbo," now with over 1 million streams. In the following year, "someplace far EP" was released. This release had works such as "Sway ft. Lanie" and "No Sleep ft. Zamir & Ka$tro." With these releases, Adam carved himself a niche audience that loved both the calm and soothing nature of the songs and the message that came with it.In 2019, Adam's ambition led him to incorporate his unique music to the more contemporary genres. Honing in on his childhood love for emo punk/ pop punk music, like My Chemical Romance and Paramore, Adam spent more time finding ways to sneak in these influences with his love for modern R&B/ hip hop artists like Joji, keshi, Aries, and demxntia. "Caffeine and Dopamine" became that first experiment. Now, in 2020, Adam is preparing for another EP release that showcases the music that he believes represents him best.


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