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DJ Mix

Sam, DJ MIX, is a native to South Korea and moved to Los Angeles at an early age. It was LA where he was exposed to a variety of unique music styles. Coming from a mother who was a singer/songwriter influenced Sam’s musical perusal as she taught him to play the guitar and piano. He later taught himself to play the drums. DJ MIX began producing at the age of fifteen when he followed the uprising popularity of dubstep. Post high school graduation, DJ Mix further explored his musical creativity as he apprenticed under his mentor for about two years, expanding his knowledge of the music industry.
While discovering a community of other aspiring artists like himself in an area of Los Angeles known as Ktown, Sam found himself losing focus and increasing his anxiety and depression amongst other things. Shortly after this detour in his musical journey to becoming one of Ktown’s most recognized and popular DJs, DJ MIX took some time away from the big city and returned to live under his parent’s roof in Fullerton. This is where Sam connected with other local artists to distinguish his own sound as a producer/DJ.
DJ MIX describes himself as versatile stating, “DJs should be able to perform many styles…and adapt depending on the mood of their location.” Sam deeply enjoys the smoothness of R&B as it soothes him, also being a component of inspiration in which he ties into his music-making process. DJ MIX is notable for his collaborations with other DJs to create the perfect energy in a room. He is sure to turn your next event into the vibe of your choice.


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